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Clive has been a friend for over 30 years, this tribute to his mom does not surprise me. Mamalicious is going places.

Jim Calhoun, 3x College Basketball Champion, Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame.

My job take me to every State, the meal I always look for first is Oxtail. I’m still looking for a place that can match the taste of “Mama” Vaughan’s Oxtail.

Chris Pompey, One of the top College Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach in America.

What an amazing mom you had.

Elissa Hart Peer, Middle/High School friend, New Rochelle, NY

Can not wait for Mamalicious to open to have the opportunity to try their JERK CHICKEN!!

Hakim Hart, Owner of Hart to Hart Services, Aurora, IL.

So proud of you and the family of the legacy you are continuing in memory of ma’s culinary skills. I learned alot from her too. Praying God’s richest blessing on the new endeavor.

Valrie Thompson, Mama’s Church Sister, GA.

Great way to honor Aunt Evelyn. She was an excellent cook. I wish you success and God’s Blessing!

Edna Jarrett, Niece.

Dude, you’ve always been a winner. The art to detail concerning your truck design, menu, your passion+ commitment, etc leaves no doubt about the future success of Mamalicious!

Bryan Mitchell, Owner at Beauti Havwn, KY.

This is awesome. As awesome as your mom was, I still remember her smile and hugs, what great tribute.

Seth Greenberg, ESPN Lead Basketball Analyst.

Congratulations! What an awesome way to honor your mom’s memory. I’m sure she’s smiling down on you with pride and admiration.

Beth Hirsch Bergman New Rochelle, NY.

Guaranteed winner! Just like you!

Joseph David, CEO/Owner, David Physical Therapy and Sport Medicine, Pittsburgh, PA.

Congratulation Clive! Maybe one day you can do it nationwide!

Audrey Dennis, NY.

Yes indeed! Your mother could COOK. Blessing to you on your new venture.

Don Baron, Musical Artist, NY.