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Hello world, welcome to Mamalicious blog page. I will share with you the building of Mamalicious. Mamalicious Jerk N Curry Cuisine is still a couple months away from its Grand Opening. We are so encouraged by the feedback we are getting from excited future customers. They are looking forward to the opening of Mamalicious. I would love for you to ride with me through this journey, so buckle your seat belt, sit back and let’s enjoy this ride.

April and May has been tough on everyone. This COVID-19 is no joke. It has slowed down Mamalicious, we will have a opening date once we have a hold on this virus. It is very important that we have social distancing and staying home only leaving when need to. Mamalicious can’t wait to put this behind us so that we can serve you some tasty food. We have not taken a day off, we are working hard to be ready for our Grand Opening, until then BE SAFE!

June 2nd, the Governor of Chicago just opened up with what we call phase 3 of opening IL business back up. Mamalicious is still waiting for what will be the new norm for the food industry so We can serve you with our tasty food. We have not stop working and are in the process of hiring great cooks. Grand Opening is around the corner. Our country has been going through some tough time especially the last 2 weeks. We need to stay together as a country and not let racism tear us apart. I am hoping things will get better for us as a country and that the next time I talk to you I will be giving the date and place of our Grand Opening, BE SAFE!

June 26th the IL Gov opened up phase 4 of the phase 5 plan of opening up IL. That still mean social distancing and wearing a mask. Mamalicious has been working hard and I am glad to say we will be having a Grand Opening the first week of . I will let you know the exact date in a few days. We also work out a deal to park our truck at the Aurora Premium Outlet Mall. Agruably the largest Mall in the Chicagoland area. More to come soon.

June 26th, Grand Opening Aug 1st 11a-7p. We will park between the Nike Factory and Saks Fifth Ave store. We have other exciting news. We have started a Foundation to honor our mothers life long work with children. The foundation will be called Mamalicious Children. It will help underprivileged boys and girls with their education, more on that at another time. Be safe, SOCIAL DISTANCES AND WEAR YOUR MASK.

July 26th we had our first of 2 dry runs before our Grand Opening on Sat Aug 1st at the Aurora Premium Outlet Mall. We parked across the street from the City Hall building in Aurora. There were 2 other food trucks in the area. We only served Jerk and Baked chicken, WE SOLD OUT in 2 hours, GOD IS GOOD! We will have our last dry run at the Aurora Premium Outlet Mall on Thursday July 30th during lunch time 11a-1:30p. SOCIAL DISTANCES AND WEAR YOUR MASK.. July 28th. We are getting invites to serve surrounding subdivisions in our area. We are also getting calls from brewery companies.

Aug 1st. We had our Grand Opening. We had a great turnout, long lines. We could not ask for a better 1st day. I am the type of person who try to improve every day. There are things we need to improve on and we will.

Sun Aug 2nd. My staff and I was a little tired from yesterday but we grinded it out and had another great turnout and we also got better as a staff, I was pleased with that. Pleasing our customers are VERY important to us. Now we go back to the drawing board and get ready for Friday.

Tues Sept 8. The last 5 weeks has been a growing period for Mamalicious. We have learned so much about the food truck business. The most important things we have learned are we need to continue to work hard, serve good food and to keep our customers happy. There are many things that happens behind the scenes that people don’t realize that food truck owner deal with like running out of food and the wholesale company you use is also out of stock and that food is one of your most important seller on your menu, One of your staff call off a few hours before you are suppose to open and that person is your chef or It rain all day and you only served a few customers or your truck break down on the way to a important function that you and your staff were planning on serving 100+ people. We have dealt with a couple of those problems but always came through and did well. We are drawing crowd and getting complaments from all over the Chicagoland area. We have been invited to breweries, subdivisions, back to school bash, warehouses. We have also done well at the Aurora Premium Outlet Mall but it can be better but the Mall is hurting because of COVID-19. The next couple of weeks we will be serving our tasty Menu in Plainfield, Arlington Hts, Huntley, Oswego, Naperville, Aurora just to name a few places. Look at our website and come visit us, I promise you won’t be disappointed. Be safe and continue to wear your mask.

Hello world!

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