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Hello world, welcome to Mamalicious blog page. I will share with you the building of Mamalicious. Mamalicious Jerk N Curry Cuisine is still a couple months away from its Grand Opening. We are so encouraged by the feedback we are getting from excited future customers. They are looking forward to the opening of Mamalicious. I would love for you to ride with me through this journey, so buckle your seat belt, sit back and let’s enjoy this ride.

March and April has been tough on everyone. This COVID-19 is no joke. It has slowed down Mamalicious, we will have a opening date once we have a hold on this virus. It is very important that we have social distancing and staying home only leaving when need to. Mamalicious can’t wait to put this behind us so that we can serve you some delicious food. We have not taken a day off, we are working hard to be ready for our Grand Opening, until then BE SAFE!

Hello world!

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